History of Program Support

What has the Trust funded in the past?

The Trust has always focused on the most pressing needs of the school system, above and beyond what is already covered in the school budget. Past projects undertaken by the Trust include efforts to support excellence in teaching, such as underwriting staff travel and housing costs for off-island professional development, the first-ever on-island Woodrow Wilson Math Institute for Teachers, collaboration with the Princeton Alumni Association, a Texas Instruments Teachers’ Institute and a Community Service Learning Institute.

Other projects the Trust has sponsored include:

  • Teacher Mini-Grants
  • Special classroom and local history projects
  • School plays, after school enrichment and summer programs for students
  • Off-island experiences for students (French trip to Boston)
  • Matching gifts to grant awards
  • Challenge Grants to assist with Foundation applications
  • Launching newer, unofficial sports such as soccer, lacrosse and ice hockey, all of which are now considered official sports with our Athletic program

Additionally, the Trust often serves as a pass through for many organizations that are part of the schools, such as the Community Network for Children/Early Childhood Education, Nantucket Youth Hockey Club and for events such as One Book One Island.

In the early years of the new millennium, the Trust began an aggressive and pioneering project to develop a twelve-unit housing cluster. Born out of the hard work of dedicated and tireless visionaries, Cow Pond Lane Apartments broke ground in May 2005, housing school staff members located on property neighboring the high school playing fields. These residential units are offered at below market rental rates and provide affordable housing options for our faculty. Anyone interested in housing opportunities may contact our property site manager, Milen Tsvetkov, at milen@housingnantucket.org.